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Prof. Francesco Trimarchi exercising professional activity in Endocrinology in Messina
Via Nicola Fabrizi 131 - tel. 090 716239

Born in Messina, he studied classics in ultra secular Maurolico High School and graduated in Medicine, July 13, 1969, at the University of Messina. Specialist in Endocrinology and Metabolism in 1977, University of Catania.

He traveled throughout his academic career at the University of Messina, since 1970, as an assistant professor of Medical Pathology until 1980, then as an Associate Professor of Semiotics and Medical Endocrinology. On 1 November 1990 he was appointed Professor of Endocrinology. Since 1990 he has directed the residential care of Endocrinology, (Unit Complex) and since 2010 has directed the Department of Integrated Medicine specialist activities of the University Hospital Policlinico Gaetano Martino di Messina.

He was

Director of the School of Specialisation in Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases

Coordinator of the PhD in Endocrinology and Metabolic Sciences experimental

Vice Rector of the University of Messina

Author or co-author of several hundred scientific publications appeared in international journals indexed and manuals and chapters of manuals and treatises of endocrinology, as well as an essay in the philosophy of medicine "The shirts Strappato- Substances and accidents in clinical medicine" Rubbettino Publisher 2003, and of several essays on bioethics and epistemology, appeared in anthologies.

Ordinary member of the centuries-old Academy of Peloritana Pericolanti, he was part of the 'Executive Committee of the European Thyroid Association, chaired the Italian Association for the Thyroid and was president of the Italian Society of Endocrinology.

Since 2013, Scientific Director of the "endocrinologist", official journal of the Italian Society of Endocrinology.

Engaged in social and cultural life from 1993 to 1998 he was Vice President of the 'Ente Theatre of Messina and he has an intense Italian volunteer in the Association for Research on Cancer (IARC), which is a regional councilor. Counsellor of the Order of Doctors and Dentists for over twenty years has been named Honorary President in 2015.

It 'a medical specialist who has betrayed the traditional clinical methodology while living the age of technology. Deals with diseases of the Thyroid, the Parathyroid, hypothalamus-pituitary, the adrenal, reproductive glands, male and female, disorders of nutrition and metabolism, of all endocrine diseases, with an approach that takes advantage of advances science and technology emphasis, in the relationship with the patient, the liberal model and self-determination and placed its focus on listening skills.

Pursues a holistic clinical approach that involves the evaluation of the health problem considering the entirety of the person as a whole psycho-physical and emotional, avoiding the reductionism that limits the medical intervention to attempt simple adjustment of dysfunction of a single organ. It benefits consciously, in an attempt to solve the health problem, the latest technology and the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic aids validated and filed a petition in the diagnostic support, mainly to public reference what is the University Hospital of Messina.

Scientific activity is and has been continuous, conspicuous and often high level, as evidenced by the many papers published in international journals included in the catalog ISI and also high impact factor - IF

Iodine deficiency, transport and effects of thyroid hormones, thyroid autoimmunity, oncology thyroid diseases hypothalamic pituitary and adrenal.

Francesco Trimarchi is from 2013 Scientific Director of "l'ENDOCRINOLOGO" - official journal of the Italian Society of Endocrinology
Author or co-author of several hundred scientific publications appeared in international journals indexed and manuals and chapters of manuals and treatises of Endocrinology


Il camice strappato. «Sostanze e accidenti» nella medicina clinica

Endocrinologia e metabolismo. Sommario per l'odontoiatria

Endocrinologia e attività motorie

Original results more relevant:

- the interference of an anticonvulsant drug metabolism of thyroxine, demonstrated in a study of the late '70s and even mentioned in the international treatises

- the first nosological definition of subclinical thyrotoxicosis

- the first documentation of the anomalous transport of thyroxine by immunoglobulin IgM and its functional effects provocative tissue hypothyroidism

- the first definition of the increased need for thyroxine in pregnant hypothyroid, recognized in the literature only decades after the publication

- the description of a new iodine deficiency disorder (cognitive impairment endemic)

- identification of the relationship between environmental pollution and acromegaly

- molecular oncogenesis of pituitary adenomas

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